Domewrecker 5G Disposable Review

If you’re on the market for a new disposable cannabis vape, we’ve got you. A Domewrecker 5G Disposable is one of the most sought-after disposable vapes on the hemp market, offering a blend of powerful, legal cannabinoids that can get you mega-high, while coming in some of the most tantalizing strains we’ve ever seen all in one place. We’ve decided to review this product in detail to give you all the info you’re looking for about it.

Domewrecker 5G Disposable Basics and Specs

First, let’s go over the basics. The Domewrecker 5G Disposable is a disposable vaping device that contains 5 grams of cannabis-derived extracts (from hemp, not marijuana, to be compliant with federal law). 5 grams is considered an above-average amount, and that means you’ll be able to get through many happy vaping sessions before needing to purchase a replacement. It features a 230mAh, rechargeable battery (recharged through the charge port on the device), operating at 3.6v. It contains a ceramic coil that enhances the smoothness and flavor of your clouds, while a preheat function keeps the vape oil from clogging.

A semi-viewing window lets you stay on top of your e-juice level, and an LED light indicator tells you when it’s time to charge the battery. The device comes in 6 strains.

Aesthetics and Construction

We’re all about the aesthetics of this disposable, as Domewrecker has put a lot of effort into crafting something that’s easy on the eyes. We love the curved edges that give it a serious visual boost, while being ergonomic so that handling it is very comfy. The body comes in many bold colors, and it has a glossy exterior. It’s slim and compact, offering the ultimate travel companion for cannabis lovers.

It’s crafted from durable polycarbonate, so that dropping it on occasion won’t do any real damage. Meanwhile, it offers a tapered mouthpiece that concentrates your vapor for thick and flavorful clouds.

The Contents

So, what’s actually in the cartridge? Well, you have a combo of cannabinoids – that is, THCA liquid diamonds and THC-P distillate. The use of THCA diamonds means a very strong THCA effect, as diamonds are the purified, concentrated form of the cannabinoid. Of course, when vaporized, the THCA converts into delta 9 THC.

Then, you have cannabis-derived terpenes. Although, a couple of strains offer cannabis-derived ice terpenes, which are terpenes extracted in ice water, through a fermentation process, to offer the purest, most unprocessed compounds you can get, for better flavor and potency.


The performance of this vape is definitely top-notch, and it’s really hard to be disappointed. With so many advanced design features, you’ll enjoy smooth, gratifying clouds from beginning to end.

What are Your Strain Choices?

This vape from Domewrecker comes in 6 must-try strains:

  • Amnesia Haze: An 80% sativa-dominant hybrid that can make you feel giggly, talkative, and giddy, with a fruity, hash-like flavor.
  • Blueberry OG Ice (Ice Terpenes): An 80% indica-dominant hybrid that tastes like its namesake, with super euphoric effects that get more calming as time goes on.
  • Hulkberry Ice (Ice Terpenes): A sativa-leaning hybrid with notes of berries, citrus, and diesel, providing an uplifting, creativity-enhancing effect.
  • Illuminati OG: A 70% indica-dominant hybrid that tastes like fresh pine, and can give you a powerful hazy effect before lulling you to sleep.
  • Jet Fuel: A sativa-leaning hybrid that offers a major uplifting effect to enhance concentration and make you feel super euphoric.
  • Watermelon Runts Ice (Ice Terpenes): A 75/25 indica hybrid with notes of watermelon candy, and a euphoric yet deeply relaxing high that can make you feel sleepy.

What the Experience is Like

Now we can get to the fun part. Vaping this disposable lives up to the hype, and we opted for Watermelon Runts, craving a calming indica. The high hits fast, and it feels a lot like vaping delta 9 THC – after all, that is what you are vaping, as again, THCA converts into THC when heated. As for the strain, the flavor was spectacular, showing off the value of ice terpenes, while the vibes were super relaxing yet uplifting for a good couple of hours. Overall, there’s really nothing bad to say about this stunning vape, and even in terms of cloud quality, the vapor is silky smooth, tasty, and abundant, for maximum satisfaction.

Domewrecker Has Delivered!

The bottom line is that anyone who loves vaping THCA will almost definitely be glad that they treated themselves to this outstanding 5g disposable.  From its excellent performance to its dreamy strain selection, it checks every box, all while delivering in terms of potency and overall effectiveness. Check out this stunning vape, and choose your strain, at Simply Vape and CBD!

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