HiXotic Trap’d Out Jeffrey 3G Live Resin Disposables Review

HiXotic has become something of a prolific hemp brand, launching a number of spectacular products, including numerous vape lines. HiXotic Trap’d Out Jeffrey 3G Live Resin Disposables now a staple of their catalog, and one of the most sought-after disposables on the market, period. We’re going to dive right into everything there is to know about this outrageously effective and tasty vape, by offering our comprehensive review after testing it out ourselves.

The Basics and Specs

Let’s first go over the basic info on this device. HiXotic Trap’d Out Jeffrey 3G Live Resin Disposables are all-in-one disposable systems that can be vaped right out of the wrapper, with an integrated 280mAh battery that is fully rechargeable via a USB-C port on the chassis, so that you can keep enjoying luscious plumes of vapor down to the last drop, without worrying about running out of power.

The device is draw-activated, and the cartridge features a ceramic coil, which is a high-quality heating element that keeps the vapor smooth and tasty. A battery life LED indicator light tells you when it’s time to recharge. Keep in mind that the disposable contains 3 grams of vape oil, which is quite a good amount, so that you can enjoy a disposable for a long time before needing a replacement.

Aesthetics and Construction

We love the aesthetics of this disposable, as it’s clear that the brand made a point to make it look as awesome as possible. It comes in bold colors, with a glossy chassis finish that adds to the visuals, while offering a nice, comfy grip, along with the ergonomic curves of the device that allow it to fit perfectly in the palm of the hand. It has a tapered mouthpiece that acts like a chimney for your vapor, and a slim body that allows it to fit easily into any pocket. The device is constructed from polycarbonate, a material that’s extremely durable, and can handle the random drop or fall.

The Contents

The contents of the cartridge are pretty straightforward. There are zero additives, and only hemp derivatives in the formula. Experience a blend of cannabinoid distillates (depending on the strain you choose), which are generally above-average in potency, for a very strong high. You will also enjoy live resin, a full-spectrum hemp extract made from flash-frozen flower that offers a higher terpene count, for stronger flavor and strain effects.


There aren’t any disappointments when it comes to the performance of this device. It’s crafted using an expert hand, and the ceramic coil goes a long way to deliver glorious clouds for days. The battery is reliable, the vape oil is reliably potent and effective, and overall, there’s nothing but good times all but guaranteed to anyone who puffs on this disposable vape.

What are Your Strain Choices?

You can choose from 6 strain options, and you’ll see that each strain features a distinctive blend of cannabinoid distillates to complement the effects of the strain.

  • Laughing Buddha (THCa Sauce, THC-P, and D9): Laughing Buddha is a 75% sativa-dominant hybrid that’s great for enjoying with friends, as it can make you feel giddy and talkative, while offering a fruity and spicy taste.
  • Blueberry AK (THCa Sauce, THC-P, and D9): A 50/50 hybrid that tastes like blueberry, and offers an easygoing, carefree high that can boost your mood and eliminate worry.
  • Zombie OG (THCa Sauce, THC-P, and D9): A 90% indica-dominant hybrid that tastes like fruits, lavender, and pine, and offers a sleepy, body and mind-numbing high.
  • Tiger’s Blood (PHC, THC-P, Delta 8 THC, and THCa Sauce): A 70% indica-dominant hybrid, Tiger’s Blood is known for its bold, spicy, and sweet herbal taste, and its ability to cause couchlock even in small doses, due to its powerful relaxation effects.
  • Space Cake (PHC, THC-P, D9, Delta 8 THC, THC-V, and THCa Sauce): Space Cake is a 65/35 indica-dominant hybrid that can put you into a state of stoned laziness, offering a tranquil cerebral effect and a heavy body high, all while offering a taste of nutty and sweet cake.
  • Candyland (PHC, Delta 8 THC, THC-P, and THC-V): Candyland is a 70% sativa-dominant hybrid with notes of fresh grapes and sweet cookies, and it can offer a euphoric, creative, and chatty type of high.

What the Experience is Like

So, what’s it like to actually vape this disposable? Well, first off, we went with Candyland, looking for a nice afternoon strain that wouldn’t cause any sleepiness. And, happily, it totally delivered. The combo of cannabinoids was definitely strong, but not to the point that the high was unmanageable. The effects were generally euphoric, but with a noticeable feeling of relaxation in the body.

As you may have imagined, the high hits pretty hard and fast, and lasts for a good 3 hours. The flavor was also on point, which speaks to the quality of the live resin extract.

It’s Time to Get “Trap’d Out” with This HiXotic Disposable!

HiXotic has proven that they’ve got their disposables formula down pat. Their Trap’d Out Jeffrey 3G Live Resin Disposable is one of the most reliably effective, satisfying disposables out there, with 3 enormously popular strains to choose from, so that you can find your inner bliss on your terms. Check out this amazing collection today, at Simply Vape and CBD!

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