How to Choose the Right Rave Kratom Shot

Have you been thinking about investing in some kratom lately? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Rave Kratom Shots offer a fast-acting, potent serving of kratom extract, along with delicious flavoring, to help you find relief on a whole new level. Kratom shots offer up a single-serving, concentrated dose of liquid kratom, which is meant to be drunk all at once for maximum effects. Our shots come in small .5oz bottles, making them super travel-friendly and easy to work into any routine. But, as you may have noticed, a Rave Kratom Shot comes in all different kinds of formulas, not to mention flavors.

How to Pick from Rave Kratom’s Collection

Little did you know that kratom products could vary so much from one another, right? Rave Kratom’s kratom shots offer various formulations, including ones that target specific daily needs with additional ingredients, and options based on strain and vein. Let’s go over each one, to help you figure out the formula that will give you the results you want.

Numb Blueberry Lemon Target Shot

First up, we have the Numb Blueberry Lemon Target Shot, which offers a blend of 150mg kratom and 150mg kava, with the latter being a natural calming agent that’s great for those trying to feel numb and relaxed. This is a relatively high-dose product, so be mindful that it can be relatively sedating – which might be precisely what you’re looking for. Meanwhile, it’s got a blueberry lemon flavor that’s out of this world delicious.

Who Should Try Numb Blueberry Lemon Target Shot: Those who are primarily seeking out relief from anxiety/stress, those who want to take kratom in the evening, and those hoping to get sleep-enhancing benefits

Boost Pineapple Orange Guava Target Shot

Then, we have the Boost Pineapple Orange Guava Target Shot, offering a combo of 150mg kratom and 60mg caffeine. This shot is for those who need a boost, to get off the couch and start moving. This formula can enhance energy, focus, creativity, and concentration, while helping you get more accomplished during the productive hours of the day. The pineapple/orange/guava flavor just adds to the enjoyment of throwing this one back.

Who Should Try Boost Pineapple Orange Guava Target Shot: Those who want more of an energizing effect from kratom, and those who prefer to take kratom during the daytime.

Heavy Strawberry Mango Target Shot

The Heavy Strawberry Mango Target Shot is a dreamy blend of 150mg kratom, 25mg kanna, and 80mg GABA, all of which come together to alleviate stress without making you feel drowsy. It’s a fantastic choice for someone who wants to take kratom during the day, and isn’t ready to feel sleepy, but still wants some natural relief from their mood. The kratom level is nice and potent, while GABA and kanna offer a nice mellowing effect that can get you feeling peaceful in no time, as you go about your day.

Who Should Try Heavy Strawberry Mango Target Shot: Anyone who wants to find stress relief, but without the heavy drowsiness that can come from certain anxiolytics.

Gold Goddess Citrus Shot

The Gold Goddess Citrus Shot is a nontargeted formula, as will be the rest of the ones we cover from this point on. This shot contains 120mg of kratom, which is a bit less potent, but still a very solid dose for anyone seeking out real relief. It’s a gold kratom strain, which means it contains various veins which are combined to offer a very balanced effect that can increase alertness, improve mood, alleviate worry, and give you a nice boost of energy, all at the same time.

Who Should Try Gold Goddess Citrus Shot: Anyone looking for an overall enhanced feeling of wellbeing, without being too stimulated nor too sedated, and prefers subtler strains of kratom.

Green Maeng Da Bliss Green Tea Shot

Rave Kratom’s Green Maeng Da Bliss Green Tea Shot offers a mouthwatering green tea taste, and contains Green Maeng Da kratom, a strain which is very beginner-friendly. This is a milder kratom strain and vein, and the feeling is super balanced, while the psychoactive effects are relatively gentle and low. Overall, you’re likely to experience both mental and physical relief, without feeling like you’re “on” something. It’s perfect for someone who is just getting their feet wet in the world of kratom.

Who Should Try Green Maeng Da Bliss Green Tea Shot: Anyone who’s new to kratom and wants something milder, and anyone who wants a more balanced type of kratom experience that’s good for day or night.

Red Bali Bliss Fruit Punch Shot

With 120mg of kratom in each serving, this particular kratom strain (Red Bali) is one of the most popular and one of the most powerful. It can create a noticeable psychoactive effect while offering mega-relief to the body, while also helping even out your mood – something more of us could use on a day-to-day basis. Of course, the fruit punch flavor is a nice touch.

Who Should Try Red Bali Bliss Fruit Punch Shot: Anyone who wants a very potent form of relief, and anyone looking to enjoy the recreational side of kratom.

White Dragon Peach Berry Shot

Finally, we have this beautiful, tasty kratom shot featuring White Maeng Da and White Elephant strains. This is a nice middle-ground between the potency of green and red kratom, and this strain combo happens to be one of the most stimulating you’ll find.

Who Should Try Heavy Strawberry Mango Target Shot: Anyone who is looking for a potent stimulating effect without any other active ingredients.

Choose Your Kratom Shot Wisely!

Rave Kratom’s lineup of kratom shots is impressive to say the least, with all kinds of unique formulas containing lab-tested, top-shelf kratom and quality ingredients. Now, you know what each kratom shot is capable of, which means you can go ahead and pick one out according to precisely what you’re trying to achieve from this all-natural substance. Explore Rave Kratom’s collection today!

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