Amnesia Haze Strain Review: A Strain You Won’t Soon Forget

It’s kinda hard to top discovering a perfect sativa that just clicks with you. Particularly, when you’re in need of something to make you feel focused, happy, creative, and at total peace throughout the day. We can’t say there’s a single “perfect” strain out there for everyone, as everyone’s needs are different, but Amnesia Haze […]

Bubblegum OG Strain Review: The Real OG of Bubblelicious Enjoyment

Searching for the perfect hybrid strain that can get you feeling balanced, grounded, relaxed, and uplifted, all at once? And, you wouldn’t mind if it happened to taste delicious, too? We’ve got you covered. Bubblegum OG is an absolutely outstanding strain that has been around for a while, and it’s finally getting its fair share […]

Hulkberry Strain Review: Feel That Ultimate Strength & Power!

Do you crave a strain that’s tasty, potent, euphoric, and calming, all at once? Great, because we’ve gotcha covered. Hulkberry strain is an absolute icon on the scene, thanks to its ability to offer everything you could ask for. This high-THC cultivar isn’t the most common one to come across on the dispensary market, but […]

Illuminati OG Strain Review: An All-Seeing Strain You Were Destined to Have

One of the most mysterious-sounding strains on the market, Illuminati OG strain is nothing to fear. This indica-dominant hybrid is a mainstay of any connoisseur’s list for a reason, and its appeal continues to dazzle new generations of flower enthusiasts, as other strains have emerged at a dizzying pace. It’s super rare, which definitely helps […]

Watermelon Runts Strain Review

The Runtz family of strains has really taken over the hemp market in recent years, as this dynamic sub-group of cultivars is beloved for both their flavor and their effects. Taking it a step further though, we’re gonna be highlighting Watermelon Runts, since this strain has become a melontastically sweet favorite on the dispensary scene. […]