HiXotic 2G Live Resin Cartridge Review

Looking for a new vape cart to get you through your day? If you prefer the psychoactive side of things, then look no further than a HiXotic 2G Live Resin Cartridge. HiXotic is a brand that’s becoming an absolute staple of the industry thanks to their glorious vaping products. Anyone who’s a fan of powerful psychoactives paired with flavorful terpenes won’t want to miss out on this 510 vape cart, which we’ll be reviewing in full detail today.

The Basics and Specs

The HiXotic 2G Live Resin Cartridge is a 510-threaded vape cartridge that can be attached to any standard 510 vape battery made for oils. It contains 2 grams of vape oil, with only 100% hemp-derived, legal extracts. The cartridge features a ceramic coil, and this elevates it into a whole new level of quality, as a ceramic coil is renowned for its positive impacts on flavor, vapor production, and smoothness of each draw.

Of course, the hemp extracts have undergone third-party lab-testing to ensure that the contents are clean, safe, potent, and pure, not to mention fully compliant with the law. The hemp is sourced from organic, domestic farms, offering sublime quality that is undeniable once you take in those first couple of puffs.

Aesthetics and Construction

There is really nothing remarkable about the visual design of a HiXotic 2G Live Resin Cartridge, as vape carts aren’t supposed to be aesthetically pleasing. They’re simple hardware components that don’t really have the space for exciting design elements. That being said, the cartridge is made from polycarbonate material, which is extremely resilient, so that if you happen to accidentally drop your vaping setup, it’s unlikely that there will be any damage.

The Contents

What’s inside of the cartridge is obviously what matters more than anything else. Again, there are zero additives in the formula, as you’re only getting 100% hemp derivatives. You’ll enjoy 3 cannabinoid distillates at once: THC-P, THC-B, and delta 8 THC. Keep in mind that THC-P and THC-B are both outrageously potent psychoactive compounds that can catapult you into a powerful, dreamy type of high. Delta 8 THC, however, balances things out, being a mild intoxicant that has relaxing but clear-headed effects.

On top of the cannabinoid trio, you’ll enjoy freshly extracted live resin, which is made from flash-freezing the fresh flower buds prior to extraction. This yields a higher potency of terpenes, for stronger flavor, and more vivid strain effects.


There are no complaints when it comes to the actual cartridge in terms of performance. The vapor is silky-smooth, flavorful, and abundant, thanks largely to the use of the high-grade ceramic coil. The mouthpiece delivers the perfect concentration of vapor, and it doesn’t really have any structural issues that would cause clogging, spitback, or leaking.

What are Your Strain Choices?

Now, let’s dive into the 3 strains that you can choose from, as each one has something to offer based on its unique terpene profile.

  • Purple Sunset: Purple Sunset is a 60% indica-dominant hybrid that tastes like florals and citrus, which can offer a creative, introspective, and uplifted high while calming the body, without any sedation.
  • Sour Pebbles: Sour Pebbles is a 50/50 hybrid that has a sweet, sour, and fruity flavor, and can make you feel chatty, giggly, and upbeat.
  • Blueberry Headband: Blueberry Headband is a 70/30 indica-dominant hybrid that has a delicious lemon and blueberry flavor, and produces a creativity-boosting, euphoric, and deeply relaxing high.

What the Experience is Like

Moving onto the actual experience of vaping it, we’re happy to say that the cartridge delivers. We went with Blueberry Headband, looking for something a bit more on the relaxing side The blueberry flavor notes are in full effect, and it took just minutes before we got swept up in a dreamy, blissful high that started out with a euphoria sensation working its way through the mind, and a warm and tingly feeling all along the body. Keep in mind that going heavy-handed can lead to sleepiness.

The cannabinoids definitely enhance the potency of the overall effect, so prepare to take a little bit less than usual if you have a low tolerance to THC overall. Otherwise, enjoy a few puffs and know that you’ll be treated to a high that’s unlike any other, with all 3 cannabinoids complementing one another in a way that feels totally balanced and tranquil.

THC-B, THC-P, Delta 8, and Live Resin? Check It Out Today!

Good news, HiXotic has a brand-new vape cart with a stellar lineup of hemp compounds you just can’t get anywhere else. All 3 strains are must-tries, and fortunately, you can try them all out at Simply Vape and CBD, where we carry all of the most sought-after products in HiXotic’s catalog. So, what’s stopping you? Explore this 2 gram cartridge and enjoy a vaping experience that’s totally one-of-a-kind.

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