Rave Kratom Shots vs. Other Shots

Rave Kratom has really gone above and beyond with their incredible collection of Kratom Shots, which offers something for everyone. The brand has gained a huge following thanks to their quality levels, safety standards, and targeted formulas, but they’re not the only brand out there offering kratom shots. If you’re new to the idea of kratom shots and don’t know how to choose the right company to buy from, allow us to tell you what makes Rave Kratom so unique from other manufacturers, with some basic comparisons.

Rave Kratom Shots: What Have They Got Over Other Brands?

Rave Kratom has introduced a number of kratom shot formulas into their catalog, and as you’re about to find out, they truly stand out from other brands in all kinds of meaningful ways.


Obviously, potency matters – it determines how strong the effects of kratom are, which means how likely you are to find the relief you need. Kratom shots are supposed to be strong, and Rave Kratom takes that to heart, with 120-150mg per .5oz. Now, this will give you very strong results, but keep in mind that this is still a manageable dose – that is, you won’t have to worry about the product being inherently dangerous because of how potent it is.

Now, a lot of kratom companies that make shots simply don’t use as much kratom as rave kratom. And, that’s obviously to save money, but it means that you won’t necessarily get the strength of effects that you’re looking for.


Kratom shots should taste good. Obviously, that’s not why we take them, but a kratom shot that tastes bad can make the process of drinking it an absolutely miserable one. Rave Kratom has really delivered in this regard, using high-quality ingredients and offering a multitude of must-try flavors, from smooth and creamy green tea to tropical fruit blends that awaken the senses and taste deeply refreshing. Never too sweet, and never leaving an artificial aftertaste, Rave Kratom has really excelled in this area.

At the same time, a number of companies are notorious for their synthetic-tasting, overly sweet kratom shot flavors, which can be a huge turnoff to customers who care about how their product tastes.

Targeted Formulas and Variety

Rave Kratom has made a point to offer a huge variety of kratom shot formulas, many offering targeted effects. We love that they have strain-specific kratom shots, since more and more people are discovering that certain strains satisfy their needs better than others – after all, some strains can be more energizing, some more sedating, some more psychoactive, and so on.

Not only that, but Rave Kratom has created some kratoms shots that incorporate other valuable, natural plant substances into their formulas. There’s a shot that combines kratom with caffeine, for a nice energy boost, and one that combines kratom with kava, to provide a feeling of utter calm. This shows that the brand really does care about meeting the individual needs of consumers.

Many companies nowadays produce kratom shots, but a lot of them don’t offer this kind of selection. In fact, many don’t even specify the strain and vein they use, so you have to hope that you’re getting the right effects, as they can vary so much from one another.


Of course, there’s the question of efficacy, which can come from a combination of potency, the quality of the extract, and how fresh the product is. By and large, Rave Kratom’s shots are known for being effective, and you can find loads of positive reviews online compared to a number of other companies. After all, Rave Kratom is one of the top brands in the game right now, which is why we were eager to carry them here at Simple Vape and CBD.

Quality and Safety

Lastly, and very importantly, Rave Kratom has a competitive edge over many other companies by being extremely transparent about their quality and safety standards. All of the kratom shots they carry have been third-party-tested, which is something you don’t always see. This verifies that the product is authentic, safe, pure, and potent, as advertised. The brand is also clear about how they formulate their ingredients, source their kratom, and more, to offer total assurance that consumers are getting only the very best product possible.

Because the kratom industry is so unregulated, it’s quite rare to find brands that go this far for consumers’ assurance. There’s no real requirements to, so we’re happy to see Rave Kratom make a point to put customers at ease.

Rave Kratom is the Winner!

Rave Kratom has truly gone out of their way to provide customers with the most effective, pure, and high-quality kratom shots possible, with full lab reports available to read, and a plethora of top-notch formulas to explore.  This way, consumers can be assured that they’re getting nothing but the most outstanding kratom concentrates possible. Check Rave Kratom’s collection for yourself at Simple Vape and CBD!

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