Your “HiXotic” Guide to THC-B

Did you know there are lots of cannabinoids entering our awareness right now? It’s mainly due to the incredible discoveries made by cannabis researchers with the latest technology at their disposal. One of the most exciting cannabinoids to hit the hemp marketplace recently is THC-B. Thus cannabinoid essentially guarantees a spectacularly strong high that goes […]

Your “HiXotic” Guide to THC-P

Did you know that the hemp industry has been through many evolutions over the last 12 years? This, of course, has coincided with the discovery of many extremely exciting cannabinoids we didn’t know about until recently. One cannabinoid in particular is THC-P, which has really taken the market by storm, mainly thanks to its unbelievable […]

Your HiXotic Guide to Delta 8 THC

Easily, one of the most recognizable cannabinoids in cannabis, other than CBD and delta 9 THC, is delta 8 THC. Delta 8 THC was sort of the pioneering cannabinoid which led to the discovery of a multitude of other legal, cannabis-derived intoxicants. Its high remains one of the most sought-after, due to its reliably satisfying […]

Your Quick “HiXotic” Guide to THCA

Did you know that cannabinoids from the hemp plant have been under the spotlight lately? Well, now you do. In fact, there are over 100 different cannabinoids that we can each explore. One of the most sought-after cannabinoids is THCA. This is a cannabinoid which has truly taken the cannabis market by storm. THCA is […]

HiXotic 2G Live Resin Cartridge Review

Looking for a new vape cart to get you through your day? If you prefer the psychoactive side of things, then look no further than a HiXotic 2G Live Resin Cartridge. HiXotic is a brand that’s becoming an absolute staple of the industry thanks to their glorious vaping products. Anyone who’s a fan of powerful […]

HiXotic Trap’d Out Jeffrey 3G Live Resin Disposables Review

HiXotic has become something of a prolific hemp brand, launching a number of spectacular products, including numerous vape lines. HiXotic Trap’d Out Jeffrey 3G Live Resin Disposables now a staple of their catalog, and one of the most sought-after disposables on the market, period. We’re going to dive right into everything there is to know […]

HiXotic 2G Live Resin Disposables Review

HiXotic has been busy crafting some of the most exceptional cannabis vapes to hit the market so far, all loaded with legal, hemp-derived psychoactive cannabinoids and exquisite terpene profiles derived from the most beloved strains of all time. Today, we’ll be zeroing in on HiXotic 2G Live Resin Disposables, which are something of a flagship […]

HiXotic D9 Gummies Review

Delta 9 THC gummies have become a big deal over the last few years. How come? Well, because companies have finally come up with a way to produce delta 9 edibles that are compliant with federal law, while also being potent enough to deliver the high so many of us crave. HiXotic has produced one […]

Enter the ‘Dome’ of Cannabis-Derived Iced Terpenes

There really is nothing quite like landing a perfect strain that pairs perfectly with your favorite cannabinoids. Thanks to modern vaping technology, it has never been easier to savor the perfect cannabinoid and terpene combo. With vapes – especially disposable vapes – providing a simple way to get in that cannabis fix on the go. […]

THCA Liquid Diamonds: A Priceless Addition to Your Vapes

It seems like every few months, there’s a new buzzword taking over the hemp industry. Whether it be “live resin”, “wax dabs”, or what have you. Currently, it’s all about liquid diamonds, which specifically relate to THCA-based products. While liquid diamonds may sound like a passing trend, anyone who knows what this unique type of […]